Thursday, February 20, 2020

Different Generations of X-ray CT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Different Generations of X-ray CT - Essay Example 1st Generation: Parallel projections Had a single X-ray source and detector cell to collect data for just a single slice. It produced pencil beam and worked via the translation and rotation process. 2nd Generation: multiple detectors They had several detectors and the X-ray source emitted radiations in a wide angle. They would obtain multiple scans multiple projections in a single scan. 3rd: Generation: Fan Beam It had a large array of detectors and would scan in about two seconds. The detector and tube array would rotate around the patient. 4th Generation: A rotating X-ray tube and stationary detector ring It reduced complexity by reducing motions. Eliminated the translation and rotation motion, had a large fan beam, and had about 4,800 detectors. 5th Generation: Electron Beam CT It was characterized by a large ring that circled the patient. They would produce electron beams of high energy and capable of scanning in milliseconds. It would produce 17 CT slices every second.

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